Sail in Mexico endeavors to limit its environmental impact as far as possible. While you may be required to fly to reach us, your holiday on board will leave a very small carbon footprint. We limit our use of fossil fuels, source locally, do our best to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and leave the islands and beaches we explore in the same state we found them.


While the S/V “Balian” is indeed equipped with a diesel engine, it is only its alternate means of propulsion. This is a light weight racing cruiser and as such we keep engine use to a minimum. The boat is equipped with two solar panels which provide plenty of energy and all of its instruments, lights and the freezer are energy efficient.


Fixed tanks hold up to 300 litres of freshwater which is used to feed the galley and head sinks and be used for rinsing after showers. To encourage the proper management of this resource, all water pumps are manually operated, the toilet flushes with salt water and showers and dishes are usually started with sea water. Drinking water is usually kept separately in more than enough 20 liter refillable containers, which we procure from local certified desalination plants. We do not serve drinking water in single-use containers.


The fruits and vegetables are, when possible, locally sourced. To limit the amount of waste we generate, we endeavor to procure the processed foods in large quantities, avoid the use of plastic bags and do our best to procure protein directly from the sea. The meals are otherwise mostly vegetarian and simple, with opportunities to dine ashore in certain anchorages.


The sun and salt take their toll on boats and our first step in limiting our waste is to do our best to make our gear last. Sailing equipment is not locally produced and therefore has a large carbon footprint. “Balian” is full of re-purposed, reconditioned and reused items which increase the boat’s comfort and handling. In compliance with local and international regulations, on board we recycle everything. When far enough offshore, certain organic materials are disposed of overboard and all other waste is sorted so as to be easily recycled at port. Nothing is left on the islands or beaches we visit.