There simply is not better way to appreciate the beauty of the Sea of Cortez than by boat. Together, we will design a passage that meets both your sailing and exploration objectives, island hopping along the Baja or mainland coasts. It is an excellent option for those aiming for further yachting qualifications.

The SIM Sailing Milecatcher has no fixed program or schedule and can be just a short journey on a yacht from Loreto to Bahia Concepcion, a longer trip from Cabo San Lucas to Loreto, or perhaps a real adventure. A sailing voyage allows even a complete beginner to develop the skills and get the hands on experience needed to become a useful and valued member of the crew. If you already have qualifications you will be able to earn mileage to take the steps towards your next level of yachting certification. Maybe you just want to change you life and try something new? One thing is for sure, you are going to go to sea with some highly qualified sailors, to begin the journey towards becoming a better sailor.

Sailing passages enable you to prepare for IYT yachting courses, or to crew and skipper cruising yachts, racing yachts, multihull yachts or motor yachts, on coastal passages. You’ll get exposure to all aspects of running a blue water yacht including planning passages and entering different ports. You’ll need to develop expertise in all aspects of the running a boat if you are to have a successful sea passage, to advance your experience and qualifications. Its not miles that matter its what you learn on the way and how skilled you become at planning ahead and anticipating issues that may be problematic if you don’t see them coming. Safe sailing is our goal and that’s what your IYT Examiner looks at when assessing you as a Yachtmaster. This is what you get on one of our MileCatchers.

DistanceDepends on the passage chosen
DurationMinimum 4 days
Previous experienceNone required
QualificationCertificate of miles logged
Possible anchorages Anywhere safe between within the Sea of Cortez or along the Mexican Pacific
Includes VAT, plenty of drinking water, sunblock, diesel and skipper
Excludes Meals ashore, National Park Fees and Fishing Licenses