Introduction to Yachting

This ONE DAY course introduces you to the world of yachts and provides you with the basic skills needed to safely power a boat by the wind alone.

Introduction to Yachting

One of the first things that you’ll do is to steer the boat. If you have never done that before it can be an unforgettable experience. Next you will be introduced to the wind. Many of us in everyday life rather take the wind for granted – but can you quickly and easily tell where the wind is coming from? It can be harder than it sounds for many people when they first try it; and it is the most basic skill you’ll need to sail a yacht. If you don’t know that, how will you use it to power your boat and take you in the direction that you want to go?

Once you know where the wind is coming from and how to point the boat in the direction you want to go, then you need to learn how to set the sails so that you have the power required to move the boat forward. You also need to build your understanding of which directions, relative to the direction of the wind, you just can’t go! And what to do if your target destination happens to lie in that direction (which of course, life being what it is, it very often will).

Your main target when you start to sail is to gather this information together and to develop the practical skills you need to use that information in sailing a boat. The usual approach is to sail a triangular course, or a large circle. Once you can do that, you can sail! True there are a lot of other things to learn, but you will already have made the transformation from landlubber* to sailor; you are on your way.

* A landlubber is the traditional term sailors use to describe those with no knowledge of the sea.

Introduction to Yachting
Duration8 Hours
Previous experienceNone required
Possible anchorages Out of Loreto: Isla Coronados, Isla Carmen and Isla Danzantes
Out of La Paz: Caleta Lobos, Balandra
Out of Bahia Concepcion: Playa el Burro, Playa Santispac, Playa Coyote, Posada Concepcion, Santa Barbara and Isla Coyote
Includes VAT, plenty of drinking water, sunblock, diesel and skipper
Excludes Meals ashore, National Park Fees and Fishing Licenses