These are experiences not found in any travel brochures, that allow you to get as involved as you wish in managing and crewing a vessel exploring the Sea of Cortez- a Sea of unspoiled wilderness and outstanding beauty which Jacques Cousteau referred to as the Aquarium of the World.

The sailing adventure is tailored to fit your time and desires, with opportunities to enjoy a night sailing under the stars, arrange diving and whale watching expeditions, explore traditional coastal villages and fishing camps, get pampered at a luxurious resort or camp on a deserted island. Where your imagination reaches a limit, our highly knowleageble team will step in and do his best to inspire you.

You do not require any prior experience and your degree of involvement in sailing the boat is entirely up to you. If you wish to learn the basics, you will have plenty of time, but you are also welcome to sit back and relax while enjoying the breeze, the views and trying to spot a whale.

Below are some of the more common sailing and hiking areas and you may also be interested in checking out our MileCatchers passages, which give you the option of embarking and disembarking at different locations.

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If you really want an amazing holiday and earn lots of miles too you should consider joining a MileCatcher in the Sea of Cortez. The marine wildlife and the desolate but stunning coastal topography make this a really fabulous voyage, where you will also add to your sailing skills and develop the confidence you need to skipper your own boat.

During the first hours of the trip, we will discuss your previous experience, objectives, strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan from there. Your responsibilities on board might include all elements of a formal passage plan as well as its execution, night watches, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, repairs and victualing.

Please have a look at our catalogue of MileCatcher journeys to get an idea of the routes we usually offer. We are also open to discuss any other routes you may be considering, including crossings to Los Mochis, for those wishing to explore inland Mexico via the Chepe Express Railway, and longer hauls to Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo and Acapulco.

These routes are also available under our Sailing Holiday packages, which do not require any previous experience and allow you to get as involved as you wish in the sailing and navigational aspects of the trip.

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