Roberto, an experienced sailor with over 20,000 nautical miles of sea exploration, seamlessly integrates his background as a lawyer into his passion for protecting the marine environment and showing his guests the beauty and fragility of our Blue Planet. Growing up in Mexico City and working for 10 years as a legal counsel in the Oil & Shipping industries, Roberto developed a deep understanding of the environmental dangers posed by maritime transportation and the legal implications of sea level rise on maritime boundaries.

After trading his corporate career for a life at sea in 2016, Roberto trained as a sailing instructor in Phuket, Thailand. For over two years, he taught navigation and sailing at Sail in Asia’s main base. Since then, in addition to forming over 100 skippers, he has embarked on numerous challenging journeys, sailing across the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the Bering Sea, and along the Mexican Pacific up to the Sea of Cortez.

Certified as an ISSA Instructor, Roberto skillfully imparts both the theory and practice of navigation and sailing. Whether you are a beginner or aspiring to obtain a Yachtmaster license, he guides individuals towards their desired level of competence with patience and expertise. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, Roberto can engage in simple conversations in Danish, Portuguese, and Russian, though he might not be able to discuss the intricacies of climate change in these languages.

Despite embracing the cruising lifestyle, Roberto remains an avid racer and you will often see him tweaking the sails or raising the spinnaker to make the most of the conditions. His dedication to sailing extends beyond personal enjoyment as he actively contributes to Sail in Mexico’s mission. With a strong emphasis on safety and sound management, Roberto ensures that future skippers are trained to comply with regulations while prioritizing the protection of the marine environment.

Paloma started sailing in 2019 and since then she has gained over 10,000 nautical miles of adventures. In 2020, pushed by her thirst for adventure and love for nature she moved with her partner and two cats aboard a small, minimalistic sailboat and since then she has sailed around the Sea of Cortez, the Pacific coast of Mexico and from the Caribbean to Portugal. Mixing her biggest passion with work, Paloma has worked on various sailing charter trips as first mate, cook, adventure guide, and captain, she has delivered a boat across the Atlantic Ocean and she is currently working on a Trans-Ocean Eco-Catamaran.

As a sailor, Paloma strives to live a sustainable, low impact life in which

she remains closely connected to nature. This connection is reflected in her way of sailing; her awareness of her surroundings allows her to create a safe, enjoyable trip. Having spent years learning to navigate the unique weather patterns and geographical hidden gems of the Sea of Cortez, Paloma is an ideal host for an adventurous trip in this magical place.

Apart from being an experienced sailor, she is a certified yoga instructor, a fitness trainer, a skilled and passionate cook, is fluent in English and Spanish and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and culinary creations with people. In her free time she also loves to snorkel, paddle board, hike and surf, even if she is not particularly good at the latter.

In 2017, Nico embarked on a new chapter of his life, leaving behind the familiar rhythm of London to pursue an adventure in South America. Today, he finds himself captaining monohulls and catamarans of various sizes, a path that unfolded thanks to his brother’s audacious decision to blindly purchase a boat back in 2018. It was during a journey from Acapulco into the Sea of Cortez, when Nico received his brother’s invitation, that his perspective on life underwent a profound transformation. The experience exposed him to a world he had never envisioned, stimulating him with countless new encounters and challenges. Learning to sail felt akin to acquiring a new language, while the proximity to nature brought immeasurable rewards.

Determined to test his sea legs and fully embrace the life of a sailor, he seized an opportunity to sail back to Europe from the Caribbean. Those months at sea ignited an unwavering passion for the ocean.

In early 2021, he returned to the Sea of Cortez and became involved with Sea Shepherd, an esteemed NGO renowned for its global efforts in safeguarding marine wildlife. In Mexico, he toiled tirelessly around the clock to protect the vaquita refuge. Since then, he has devoted himself entirely to the sea, relishing the fact that he can sustain a living from this newfound calling. It allows him the privilege of sharing transformative experiences with guests aboard his sailboat, constantly exposing them to fresh perspectives. Each voyage remains perpetually captivating, and needless to say, the breathtaking beauty of the Sea of Cortez makes his job effortlessly fulfilling.

Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, proficient in Danish and Portuguese, with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and a master’s in public health, Nico’s academic and linguistic background further enriches his journey as a sailor.

Pedro, an experienced sailor in search of exciting sea voyages, has participated in expeditions to various destinations in Northern Europe and the Sea of Cortez, and now he has set his sights on reaching the Polar Circles. His adventurous spirit and passion for sailing make him an intrepid sailor in search of new experiences.

Since childhood, he has been deeply rooted in the sea, developing an unbreakable bond with the ocean and its ecosystems. He began his journey in sailing with various types of sailboats, including Laser and J Class, which provided him with a solid knowledge base.

He spent over 15 years working in strategic planning in the entertainment and telecommunications industry, but his love for sailing led him to make a bold career shift, leaving the corporate world to pursue his true passion: sailing.

Pedro is part of the generation of captains certified by Sail In Mexico. Additionally, he has obtained sailing credentials in England, qualifying him as an expert in his field and a competent sailor who is mindful of the environment, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to sailing and his community.

In recent years, Pedro has sailed some of the world’s most iconic waters,

from the Mexican Pacific to the Mediterranean Sea and the Irish Sea, even exploring the Solent, considered the mecca of sailing. This has expanded his range to the waters surrounding the European continent. He has actively participated in regattas and expeditions in these challenging waters, providing him with rich experience in navigating diverse conditions.

As a passionate sailor and traveler, Pedro thoroughly explores the ports and bays where he anchors. His open and curious nature drives him to learn about new cultures and habits. At the same time, he is thrilled by the intensity of the open sea.

For Pedro, it’s not just about sailing fast, but also about facilitating other goals and achievements, such as sharing incredible stories, creating unforgettable experiences, team efforts, setting records, remarkable challenges, and unique adventures. He emphasizes the importance of responsible navigation to protect the marine environment.

Pedro is an enthusiast of water sports and enjoys swimming, freediving, kite surfing, and any water-related sports in general.

Pedro speaks fluent Spanish and English and has basic knowledge of French. His commitment to both sailing and marine conservation makes him a valuable and inspiring member of any sailing community.